An analysis of the importance of the homefront of world war two

In addition, it offers coverage of National Curriculum requirements for History in England, relating to general requirements of knowledge and understanding of events, people and changes in the past, together with breadth of study requirements to study significant events and developments from across the 20th century.

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Until that time, such positions had been strictly for men only. During the war years, the decrease in the availability of men in the work force also led to an upsurge in the number of women holding non-war-related factory jobs. This would take them away from their jobs in factories and farms. They all wore name tags and had to carry their gas mask as well as their belongings. The people of Salina would serve these enemy soldiers and turn away black American GIs. Soon afterward, Walter Pidgeon , a Hollywood leading man, traveled to the Willow Run aircraft plant in Ypsilanti, Michigan , to make a promotional film encouraging the sale of war bonds. While many of the laboratory records are highly technical, the records of the history office are more accessible to lay readers and provide an intriguing instance of history being recorded as it happened. It also expanded their hopes and expectations and forever altered the patterns of their lives at home. Some children were sent to Canada, the USA and Australia, and millions of children and some mothers were evacuated from London and other major cities to safer parts of the country when the war began, under government plans for the evacuation of civilians , but they often filtered back. Not all groups of outsiders fared well.

Hitler derided Americans as degenerate for putting their women to work. The nation that needed their help in a time of crisis, it seems, was not yet ready for the greater social equality that would slowly come in the decades to follow.

However, by the end of September only 1. Air raids meant both danger and disruption. Nurses were in Normandy on D-plus-four.

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Less well-known was the secret project to develop the new radar technology that was established in the Boston area at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Even when seen against a broader perspective, the transformation the United States experienced was profound. In the Bengal famine ofthree million people died.

During the war, 95 percent of all professional baseball players who donned major league uniforms during the season were directly involved in the conflict. Strong buildings were also prepared for use as air raid shelters.

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Roosevelt and the Making of Modern America And while wartime controls disappeared after the war was over, the experience provided a framework for future administrative organization of the economy. In a history program was established to document this project and a young historian named Henry Guerlac was hired to guide it. Paid a dollar a year for their services, they remained on company payrolls, still cognizant of the interests of the corporations they ran. A British Restaurant in London, The Commonwealth Government took control of all income taxation in , which gave it extensive new powers and greatly reduced the states' financial autonomy. Civilians were instructed in how to protect themselves against poison gas attacks and issued with gas masks, which they were encouraged to carry on all journeys. Canada joined the war effort on September 10, ; the government deliberately waited after Britain's decision to go to war, partly to demonstrate its independence from Britain and partly to give the country extra time to import arms from the United States as a non-belligerent. Time and Life magazines told readers how to tell friendly Chinese from enemy Japanese: "The Chinese expression is likely to be more placid, kindly, open; the Japanese more positive, dogmatic, arrogant. Not all groups of outsiders fared well.

They all wore name tags and had to carry their gas mask as well as their belongings.

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American women and World War II (article)