An analysis of alexander the great and augustus famous men who accomplished in ancient times

An analysis of alexander the great and augustus famous men who accomplished in ancient times

Alex He conquered the world by his 18th birthday Shane He conquered his entire known world and continued onwards Alexander was the Philospher King.

He knew he was right and through his charismatic dominance he controlled, after all he firmly believed he was a direct descendent of Achilles. Arriving in Parmerio's tent in the city where he was stationed, he handed him a letter from Alexander and one marked as being from his son.

And on finding that the spirit of the law was being evaded by betrothal with immature girls and by frequent changes of wives, he shortened the duration of betrothals and set a limit on divorce.

Before he became a tragic poet, Aeschylus, who wrote a tragedy about the Persians, fought in the Persian War in the battles of Marathon, Salamis, and Plataea.

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However, when Alexander gave the Persian king battle, it turned out Darius had been led to a narrow spot where the Persians could not use their superior numbers effectively. Christopher He rose from a small kingdom to conquer the known world — and his reputation was so fearsome that decades after his death people still refused to revolt out of fear that he might really still be alive and come back to punish them. The second key battle he won, and perhaps the most important, was the Battle of Issus, fought in B. From Aldaron at Flickr. He may have drawn a map of the universe. Following his death, much of what Akhenaten had constructed was destroyed deliberately. Because of this the rest, including Marcus Favonius, the well-known imitator of Cato, saluted Antony respectfully as Imperator, 13 when they were led out in chains, but lashed Augustus to his face with the foulest abuse. However, it appears Philip never intended to disown his politically and militarily trained son. He brought forth an age of contact between nations that ignored each others existence and is rightfully remembered as Alexander the Great. The Gedrosia crossing was a miserable failure with up to three-quarters of Alexander's troops dying along the way, his fleet being unable to keep up with them due to bad winds. Also one of his quotes or something that he showed.

Philip II was assassinated in B. But he spared the rest of the offspring of Antony and Cleopatra, and afterwards maintained and reared them according to their several positions, as carefully as if they were his own kin. Make haste slowly. Concerned that other Greek states might intervene, Alexander made it look as though he was preparing to attack Illyria instead.

In reality Alexander more than an experienced leader was an extremely lucky and able heir to the throne. Alexander was quite mature for his age.

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Philip was then named Hegemon often translated as "Supreme Commander" of this league known by modern scholars as the League of Corinthand announced his plans to attack the Persian Empire. When Porus mobilized his forces he found himself in a predicament, his cavalry was not nearly as experienced as Alexander's and, as such, he put his elephants, something the Macedonians had never faced in large numbers, up front.

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Alexander the Great: Facts, Biography & Accomplishments