An advice on how to use the internet

You can pick up a virus or other malware from an infected USB memory stick, from an email attachment or from an infected website. Keeping your computer safe Helping your child learn safe internet practices will also help to keep your computer safe from viruses, spyware, adware and other online threats.

how to use internet usefully

It is also best to be cautious opening attachments even from people you do know. Even if you get permission, make sure you have an adult with you when you meet for the first time. Children should be aware that not all information found online is correct, accurate or relevant.

best ways to use internet

Try to use this as an opening to discuss the content with them, and perhaps make rules for this kind of activity. You can call them on Please reassure them that you want to keep them safe rather than take Internet access away from them.

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Advice on Internet searching and good quality websites