Agriculture industry in india

The Government of India has allowed per cent FDI in marketing of food products and in food product e-commerce under the automatic route.

India is the second largest fruit producer in the world.

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This has enabled Indian Agriculture Industry Portal to serve as a main means by which every exporter and importer of India and abroad, could fulfill their requirements and avail the benefits of agro related buy-sell trade leads and other business opportunities.

The company also provides healthcare services for animals. India was the ninth largest exporter of agricultural products in During crop year, food grain production is estimated at record Desertification and land degradation also pose major threats to agriculture in the country.

Agriculture industry overview

Further, India is second in global production of fruits and vegetables, and is the largest producer of mango and banana. Food travels to the Indian consumer through a slow and inefficient chain of traders. While even the subsidies and barriers have been distorting international agricultural trade, rendering agri-exports from developing nations such as India uncompetitive. The social aspects around agriculture have also been witnessing changing trends. The major agricultural products cultivated in India are wheat, rice, potatoes, cotton, oil seeds, jute, sugarcane and tea. In , Government of India is targeting foodgrain production of Production of horticulture crops is estimated at In the past decade, the country has witnessed accelerated economic growth, emerged as a global player with the world's fourth largest economy in purchasing power parity terms, and made progress towards achieving most of the Millennium Development Goals. Under White and Yellow Revolution approach, the focus was mainly on conservation, cultivation, consumption, and commerce. Today there are excellent export prospects, competitive pricing of agricultural product standards that are compared internationally which has created trade opportunities in the agro industry. By early , India will start exporting sugar to China. During crop year, food grain production is estimated at record With the highest mountain range in the world, the Himalayas to its North, the Thar desert to its West, the Gangetic delta to its East and the Deccan Plateau in the South, the country is home to vast agro-ecological diversity. The country also possesses 46 of the 60 soil types in the world.

Road Ahead India is expected to achieve the ambitious goal of doubling farm income by

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Indian Agriculture Industry Analysis