Academic writing sample task 1 by one

academic writing sample task 1 by one

Explain some of the difficulties of living in a city. It will be helpful to study this question carefully before you look at the detailed description of the template. Problems and solutions In this type of question, you will be given a problem or situation.

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Model Essay Transition words are highlighted in red Topic vocabulary are highlighted in blue According to some, good health goes hand in hand with regular exercise, yet others feel that it is more important to maintain a balanced diet.

After that it gradually falls but with a small increase in percentage at to pm. In the previous paragraph Paragraph 1you explained what the visuals are about—the topic.

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If compare Men and Women, as you see, in , Men were studying more than women full-time or part-time but it changed from and then, in , Women were studying part-time more than Men and studying full-time was same number. Secondly, establish job schemes and professional training programs for new city residents. You only have 20 minutes to complete your response. Sentences are long but lack complexity. There are some errors in tense, verb form and spelling which interfere slightly with the flow of the answer. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this? This would probably be impossible within the time limit even if you tried. This is where you report data related to the summary information you just provided in Paragraph 2. On the other hand, Women studying Full-time were increased and not only Full-time, part-time also were increased. After this the graph rises very fast and attains its peak at 10 pm which is about forty five percent.

The amount of women in fulltime education went up more gradually from thousand in to just over thousand in Grammatical Range and Accuracy This is a measurement of your ability to use a wide range of grammatical structures without making a lot of grammatical errors.

While starting a diet is never a pleasant experience, cardiovascular exercises like cycling, walking or swimming trigger endorphins in the brain that immediately decrease stress levels, and enhance our sense of well-being.

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In addition, children these days spend inordinate amounts of time playing video games than playing outside with friends resulting in insufficient physical activity each day. Postgraduates were always ahead of the general population. How machines work and how food is processed are examples of the variety of possible processes. Read on for more tips and resources that can help you maximize your score in each of the scoring categories. Advantages and disadvantages In this type of question, you will be asked to discuss the positive and negative aspects of a situation, solution or trend. Children live in a world of adults; however, art and music classes allow all to be themselves which is good for their mental development. For another thing, eating well makes people less prone to getting sick by building a body less susceptible to disease.

Two-part question In this type of question, you will be given two questions and you will need to answer both questions. Regarding society, social networks are causing a decline in meaningful relationships.

How import is it? The opening could be more fully developed with the inclusion of information relating to the groups studied and the period of time during which the study took place.

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While in school, there are key advantages to learning art and music.

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