A fictional ironic article against the right of women to vote

In essence, the philosophy sees anarchist struggle as a necessary component of feminist struggle and vice-versa. Amelia Jones wrote that the post-feminist texts which emerged in the s and s portrayed second-wave feminism as a monolithic entity and criticized it using generalizations.

Long hours are one thing, and realistically, they are often unavoidable. They are not committed enough, we say, to make the trade-offs and sacrifices that the women ahead of them made.

how did women get the right to vote

The history of feminism is not important in these writings - only what is going to be done about it. Anarcha-feminists such as Susan Brown see the anarchist struggle as a necessary component of the feminist struggle.


Marriage to Henry Stanton brought Elizabeth Cady Stanton—she insisted on retaining her maiden name—into contact with other independent-minded women. The American literary critic and feminist Elaine Showalter describes the phased development of feminist theory.

anti suffragists

By integrating Stop ERA with the thus-dubbed " new right ", she was able to leverage a wider range of technological, organizational and political resources, successfully targeting pro-feminist candidates for defeat.

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