A comparison of mary shelleys frankenstein and bram stokers dracula

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The idea that love can conquer death, or worse than death - that she can actually give back to the vampire his lost soul. Bram Stoker, the author of Dracula, and Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein, both present elements of terror and create a tense mood and a frightening picture. However, strangely enough Although I came to mock, I must confess that by the end, the only person connected with BS's D. Sure, part of it is his abhorrence for the process that created such a monstrosity, but I think it's also because science - or at least the specific science which led him to the creation - just isn't his bag, so to speak. That's the beauty of Pete - we like him so much, his Victor can be as much of a cold-blooded bastard as he likes, and we'll still go along with it. You may also like. I also liked how it bonds the group together - all of them have a stake in Lucy's fate ha! We make our own monsters, and the way forward is not to band together in vigilante groups intent on their destruction, but by extending a hand of mercy and acknowledgement to the apparently hideous and unknown. However - I think on the whole Branagh shows a reasonable amount of respect for his source material.

That, on top of the fact that this is about the only version to include ALL of them! Now, that brings me to The idea of the supernatural in its literal meaning is the opposite of anything natural; it is the existence beyond the visible and observable universe especially when referring to Gods, Spirits, Devils or Demons.

I don't buy it. It's also interesting that the one time that Mina goes against her own judgement - allowing herself to be excluded from the conferences - is what precipitates the crisis. In a frantic and ultimately futile attempt to save her life, she undergoes no fewer than four blood transfusions all from different men!

And there's something even worse: a shot of Drac while Mina is drinking his blood, with his head thrown back in, uh, ecstasy - I swear to God, there's an angle where he looks exactly like David-Spade-as-Joe-Dirt!!

comparing and contrasting dracula and frankenstein

Not sure why they did it that way. Movie-Vic, as Chad noted, is a man with a mission.

A comparison of mary shelleys frankenstein and bram stokers dracula

While Branagh might have been comfortable with dialogue like, "Abhorred monster! Why did I live?

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I'm almost positive that Coppola cast Reeves full knowing what the actor was incapable of; he was stacking the deck against poor Jonathan, which frankly pisses me off. None of this is to say, of course, that Branagh doesn't endow his Victor with homoerotic intensity. Genious, yet foolish at the same time, he unlocked the secret and brought a hideous monster to life — the one who would haunt him forever. Not really. And of course, they would all be women, and perhaps a few children , but that's what makes it a novel with stakes I'm trying to avoid that word, I really am. Frankly, I think Victor behaves like a complete dick towards him. You watch him, and you watch people freak out when they see him the guy's an instant mob maker, for some reason , but they always seem to be overreacting. They also say that the recent Patrick Bergin-Randy Quaid version is fairly faithful. Mina was selfless, intelligent and resourceful, and after being victimized by the count, she used her connection with Dracula to lead the men to his hideout. I was just trying to figure out why the movie had turned into a black comedy.

I thought he was very good. In the end, Frankenstein does not kill his monster, but dies while chasing it through the cold of the north. That is partly why Frankenstein has retained its appeal.

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Frankenstein & Dracula: Character Similarities and Differences