A comparison of creon and antigone characters in antigone by sophocles

She is also very sneaky.

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Although, Antigone resemble Oedipus the King in many faces such as it is a tragic Drama, also it has two tragic protagonists, Antigone and Creon. Without considering any consequences, Antigone buried his brother, Polyneices which then she was punished.

A comparison of creon and antigone characters in antigone by sophocles

Haemon then mentions Creons ruling is tyranny, not government. Many of their traits are identical, but their opinion s are so different that they can't stand each other. As you can tell, Creon likes to go by the laws he created, not by the Gods. In addition, Creon does not believe in the strong loyalties of others, not even of his own son, Haemon. He refuses to accept anyone's opinions except his own. He instead puts his laws first, and states that if he lets Antigone live after she has broken his law, "How shall I earn the worlds obedience? Antigone strongly believes that both of her brothers deserve burial rights, therefore she fights for it. They are loyal to their views. Creon's stubbornness is clear when his old friend and prophet Teirsesias. Ismene reminds her of the problems and dangers she is undertaking when she goes ou t to bury Polyneices. Oedipus and Creon were two different types of rulers where the transition into power had effected them and had an infringement of prophecies.

Although they may seem quite different, Creon and Antigone share many similarities throughout the story. They appear different outwardly but are two of a kind in personality. He only honored Ethocles, and announced that no one would be allowed to bury Polyneices.

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When Ismene refuses she is furious with her. To begin with, Antigone has gone through a hardship.

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I will be analysing the play's contents so that I can look at the similarities between the three of them and communicating the ideas that each of the three main characters have similar characteristics. That she wants to bury him, even if it means her death, is applaudable. He finally listens to the Charagous when reminded th at Teiresias has never been wrong. Author: Christen Curtis. So he will be left in public shame. You would not help me, and I will not have you h elp me" This reveals clearly how arrogant and stubborn Antigone can be. You have not helped me and I will not have you help me. For example, in the beginning of the story when Antigone is talking with Ismene, she asks for her help. She calls Ismene a "traitor" for not coming to help her and Ismene shakingly replies "I am so afraid o f you".
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Comparing the Character of Creon in Oedipus and Antigone